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Cancer / Medical Organizer - Interactive PDF

This vital organizer will help you document, plan, and locate essential information throughout your cancer journey. Created with input from cancer survivors, medical providers, and devoted caretakers, this easy-to-use personal and medical organizer will keep your information in one easily accessible location.

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My Personal Journey Through Cancer

This 8 " x 11" medical organizer is an interactive pdf which allows you to type your medical information into each form, save it and print as many copies as you need. The eBook is divided into seven sections, featuring charts and forms for recording:
  • Personal information
  • Medical history
  • Medical appointments
  • Medical notes
  • Treatments, tests & procedures
  • Symptom diary
  • Contact information
  • Important reminders
You can download our Cancer / Medical Organizer and make copies of as many pages of each section as you like. Organize them in a sturdy three ring binder and continue to add to the binder as needed.

Order our cancer organizer for yourself or as a special gift for a loved one or friend facing cancer.

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Note: This pdf file is for your personal use only. It cannot be copied, shared, reproduced or distributed to others in any way or by any means without our prior permission.

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