What Others Say About Our Cancer Organizer

I started using SteppingStone Journals cancer organizer, My Personal Journey Through Cancer, six months ago when my husband was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. This organizer is open 24/7 on our kitchen counter. We document all symptoms and changes my husband experiences. All of the doctor's contact information is in one location along with the pharmacies that we use and our insurance information. We take our cancer patient organizer to every doctor appointment and can answer the doctor's questions with confidence because we have been documenting his cancer. We are prepared with our own set of questions because we write them down in our organizer as they come up. We also document my husband's eating habits and diet in the Reflections Diary. Everyone with a cancer diagnosis should have My Personal Journey Through Cancer.

Tina A., Oakland, MI

This cancer notebook has a section for everything that you would want to keep track of during treatment for cancer either by a patient or a caregiver. I have already given one to a friend whose spouse has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and to a colleague to give to his wife who just started chemotheraphy for breast cancer. Dealing with a cancer diagnosis and treatment is an overwhelming and emotional experience. This organizer helps to provide a single resource to record information and list questions to ask. As a breast cancer survivor, I wish I had this amazing organizer when I was going through treatment.

Ann T., Centreville, VA

My Personal Journey Through Cancer is an excellent resource for anyone with a chronic condition. The ability to have all of your medical information consolidated in one resource at each visit allows for better communication between provider and patient resulting in more effective treatment. As I begin practicing as a Physician Assistant, I will be recommending this medical organizer to my patients and their caretakers.

Audrey M., Roanoke, VA

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